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Save the Elephant from Delancey's destructive plans

Help us save the Elephant & Castle from Delancey's destructive plans for chain stores and luxury flats, which are of no benefit to the shopping centre's existing diverse community of traders and users. We are crowdfunding to challenge Delancey's planning consent for the scheme on the basis that Southwark has broken its own planning rules and not secured enough social rented housing.
We need donations in order for this challenge to succeed. By donating to our campaign you can help us to make London a city where its diverse communities come first - before the profits of property developers. All contributions, big or small will help in this crucial fight.

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What's wrong with Delancey's plans for Elephant & Castle?

Affordable Housing

Delancey claims that providing the full 17.5% social rented housing required by planning policy is not viable as it would compromise its £137m protected profit margin. Southwark's Council’s planning committee was misled as to the maximum amount of affordable housing the scheme could viably provide. While Delancey said it could only afford to provide 116 social rented units we now know that with Mayor’s funding they could give us another 42 thereby meeting the minimum policy requirement.
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Traders discarded

Its diverse economy of small retailers are at the heart of the community and make Elephant & Castle the vibrant destination it is. Delancey has offered only 10% affordable retail space in its redeveloped shopping centre for existing traders and Lendlease doesn't want sullying its neighbouring 'Elephant Park' development (aka Heygate estate).
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Bingo Hall turfed out

Delancey is turfing out the bingo hall and bowling alley. Whilst there will be new 'leisure' space in the reprovided centre, there are no explicit plans to ensure that a bingo hall or bowling alley are retained. The bingo currently provides social activity for 7,500 local pensioners which use the facility every week.
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Offshore Elephant

Delancey is using a network of shell companies registered in tax havens including Bermuda, Panama and the British Virgin Islands, in order to avoid paying tax. Southwark should not be making planning policy concessions for developers who don't pay their tax.
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