Aylesbury CPO appeal - a grounded defence

Secretary of State delivers on promise to 'robustly defend' his decision against Southwark's appeal

Thanks to the general public’s generous contributions to our crowdfunding campaign, the Aylesbury Leaseholder Group was able to submit its grounds of defence of the Aylesbury CPO decison last Wedsnesday. The grounds were prepared by barrister Chris Jacobs, of Landmark Chambers, who successfully represented the leaseholders in the final days of the CPO public inquiry.

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Aylesbury: Southwark finally granted leave to appeal CPO decision.

Council succeeds at second attempt

As has been widely reported, Southwark Council finally got permission to make its case against the Secretary of State, for his refusal to grant compulsory purchase powers over Aylesbury estate leaseholders. It was Southwark’s second attempt, after first being flatly refused just before Christmas. There can now be a full court hearing, involving all parties, including the leaseholders, probably some time in April.

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Southwark's lost section 106 social housing

Ombudsman finds Council doesn't know how much social housing it's getting from developers

The Local Government Ombudsman has issued the damning judgement that Southwark Council has no procedure to ensure that social rented housing approved by the Council’s planning committee is actually being delivered. The Ombudsman further found that without a monitoring procedure ‘it is hard to know ..how many social housing units…developers [have] delivered’. Or indeed, how many remain social housing units.’

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