Delancey get what they want

E&C shopping centre application narrowly approved

Shopping centre owner and developer Delancey’s proposals for the Elephant shopping centre narrowly secured approval from the planning committee last Tuesday . The approval is subject to Mayor Sadiq Khan endorsing the decision and the successful conclusion of S106 negotiations, to seal the legal contract between Southwark and Delancey for the delivery of the development. A late application to Historic England for listing the shopping centre has also to be resolved.

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Delancey's subsidised profit

Courtesy of GLA

Just over a week before the shopping centre planning application goes before Southwark’s planning committee for the third time a slew of viability documents have been released. Given the size of the main document, the full financial viability assessment (FVA) it has not been possible for campaigners to present a complete response, but some interesting facts have come to light nonetheless.

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Elephant & Castle shopping centre update

Revised planning application still falls well short of policy requirements

After a traders’ deputation to Southwark Council and well over 200 objections to the planning application, developer Delancey has amended its plans for the demolition and redevelopment of the shopping centre. The original plans had no provison for current traders, no affordable retail units and no social rented housing. Delancey’s amendments include a draft local business support & relocation strategy, as well as more information about the affordable housing offer.

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