Elephant & Castle shopping centre update

Revised planning application still falls well short of policy requirements

After a traders’ deputation to Southwark Council and well over 200 objections to the planning application, developer Delancey has amended its plans for the demolition and redevelopment of the shopping centre. The original plans had no provison for current traders, no affordable retail units and no social rented housing. Delancey’s amendments include a draft local business support & relocation strategy, as well as more information about the affordable housing offer.

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A Signal embarrassment

Southwark pays out instead of enforcing planning conditions

Most people are aware that private developments are supposed to provide a certain amount of affordable housing, called S106 contributions. The Signal Building at the Elephant and Castle is one such development - 22 storeys, 38 residential units, with an S106 contribution of 11 affordable homes, to be provided ‘at no cost to the council’ 1 when planning permission was granted in 2011.

  1. See paragraph 1.2.1 pg 48 

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One Blackfriars

An oasis of luxury amid the housing crisis

Anyone troubled by the housing crisis can take comfort from One Blackfriars looming over the Thames like a wonky ice lolly on the former site of the Blackfriars Rotunda. Berkeley Group’s 50 storey glass tower will have 274 luxury homes, a 110-space multi-level car parking basement, a 152 room hotel, a gym, cinema, wine cellar, massage parlour, swimming pool and much else.

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